Importance of a Handy Portable Nebulizer for Asthma Sufferers

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asthma triggered by allergic reactionsIt’s important for parents of children who experience bouts of troubled breathing and shortness of breath, to immediately provide the right respiration solution. Early signs of asthma attacks could progress slowly and steadily over several hours or days into the acute stage of asthma attacks.

Symptoms that Could Lead to Severe Asthma Attacks Requiring Emergency Medical Attention

Severe asthma attacks can last from hours to days and could require emergency medical attention. Aside from laboured breathing, wheezing, coughing shortness of breath, other symptoms include the following:

  • Feelings of tightness or pressure in the chest area
  • Apparent difficulty in talking;
  • Not getting relief from the normal use of a respiratory treatment device like inhalers or nebulizers;
  • Turning pale in colour, while lips and fingernails are turning blue.

Known Causes of Asthma Among Children

dust mites Severe episodes of asthma attacks do not always occur suddenly and without warning. As much as possible, people with asthma try to avoid exposure to cold dry air, smoke, pollution and other common triggers like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, dietary allergens, inhalants and similar chemical-based substances.

While physical activities are known to trigger episodes of asthma attacks, avoidance is not recommended because they are part of a healthy lifestyle. Having a handy respiratory therapy like a portable handheld nebulizer helps people control the symptoms to prevent breathing difficulties from progressing into a full blown asthma attack.

However, the causes of childhood asthma are not fully understood by the medical community because they tend to vary. Moreover there are cases of childhood asthma that occur even without apparent and visible triggers.

Nevertheless, there are factors strongly considered as possible causes of childhood asthma, which include the following:

Proneness to develop allergic reactions as a result of shared genetic factors, especially if born to parents who both have histories of asthma.

Certain types of airway infection contracted at a very young age by way of common colds.

Congenital sensitivity of the immune system , which denotes occurrence or existence since birth.